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  1. Displaying debug messages coming from LibraryLink

    When extending Mathematica through C or C++ code using the LibraryLink API, one common annoyance is that it’s not possible to see messages that the C code sends to stdout or stderr when using the graphical interface. While there are ways to send output directly to the active Mathematica notebook, often the C code is not written to be used exclusively with Mathematica and it simply prints debug messages to stderr. Standard C assertion failures also cause messages to be printed to stderr.

    Here I will show how to view the Mathematica kernel’s output in a terminal window, even when using the graphical notebook interface. read more ...

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  2. Memoization in Mathematica

    I wrote this short tutorial on memoization years ago. Since it turned out to be somewhat popular, and my old website is going away, I am reproducing it here.

    Memoization is a very well known programming pattern in Mathematica. Memoization is an optimisation technique: it means making a function “remember …

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